Getting Started with Phonegap/Cordova

There are two approaches through which you can develop mobile applications. The first approach is native development which means you will develop applications for one platform at a time. 2nd approach is developing application in HTML, CSS and Javascript in a native container. This approach is also called hybrid applications development because it is the mixture of native applications and web applications. It can be useful in developing mobile applications for different platforms (android, iOS, windows etc.) at the same time. Here we will dive into this approach using Phonegap and Cordova.

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Hostname and Fully Qualified Domain name in Linux

Hostname identifies your computer and Fully Qualified Domain name refers to hostname combined with domain name. E.g. hostname is server, domain name is, then fully qualified domain name (FQDN) will be

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How Domain name is translated/resolved into IP Address?

Sometimes you ask yourself that how do I go to a specific server by just typing the domain name, although every server is recognized by an IP Address. This is done by Domain Name System (DNS). DNS is a system that translate/resolve domain name into an IP Address. Read More to know the process of resolution.

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What is PHP Composer?

Composer is a tool that manages dependencies in a project based on php. This tool installs/update the dependencies required by your project.

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What is Domain name?

A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website. It was introduced because humans can easily remember names instead of numbers. Let's dive into it.

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How webserver serves the pages?

Web server is a kind of server that servers the web pages. We browse websites everyday but most of you don't know how the pages comes into your browser full of content and styles by only writing the name of the website.

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What is Client Server Architecture?

A computer network architecture, in which clients makes request and the server responds to that request.
The Client Server Architecture is a model/design/structure in which the Client makes the request for any service and the Server provides that service or responds to that request.

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